TORONTO · Urban Space Gallery will present the world debut of Irene Cortes’ #3763 Nowhere Here Now, a Canadian building opera on saturday september 29th, as part of it’s yearly contemporary art series Built For Art for Nuit Blanche Toronto 2012.

Nowhere Here Now follows a stranger searching for beauty in hopes to find a cure for the sleeping children of TRON-O. calling upon the muses, beauty summons a blueprint to build a machine that will aid them.

this work radically reassembles the relationship between story and reality by exploring the production potentials of artistic performance. it is structured in three distinctive acts: singing, dancing, building. as a 5 hour opera / building program, the performance will realize the construction of a solar sculpture capable of charging mobile devices in the publics. the audience becomes an integral element in the performance as their involvement and interaction with building the machine completes the piece.

Irene Cortes, born in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta, is an artist and gatherer working in cinema, visual art and ecology. her works for cinema and the stage unconventionally integrate a variety of media including dance, sculpture, music and text. her productions have premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Barcelona Contemporary Art Festival and have been shown in theaters across South Korea.