Teverina · In its first edition Verdecoprente Festival has been defined as the festival of landscape. In fact the festival concentrates on “landscapes that nourish us”. Landscapes that are intended as spaces where culture and nature meet, taking shape in contemporary scenes, arts and poetry. Theatre, music, singing. performing and visual arts, sense-perceptive and multimedia trails, side specific installations are the artistic scriptures that define the genuine path of the festival. A “total theatre”, an intervention that spreads into the territory, into unconventional places and in an unconventional manner showing unexpected aspects in cooperation with the European Heritage Days.

The festival is both encounter, exchange, and educative action and reminds us that education and enjoyment of the arts are the irreplaceable nurture of any community. This is how we approach the teachings of Maria Lai, the artist to whom Verdecoprente 2013 is dedicated as an homage to her landscapes of amazement which shall nourish guests and the territory alike with their mutual visions via the lens of the festival.

Magic, poetry, wisdom narrative, risk and curiosity, tenacity, collected in works that speak the language of interiority and lightness, are the artistic path of the Sardinian Artist, who was able to articulate with an extraordinary sense of the contemporary, a unique aesthetic language, both simple and complex, organic in the work and thought, strongly declined to explore the universe of the artist as the imagination of the viewer, which she thought of as an inhabitant of the artistic creation.

Our member, Wooguru, who was also part of salon revolutionaire earlier this year, will be doing a performance piece during the festival.