We invite all PLATOON KUNSTHALLE BERLIN lovers to the first big art exhibition @ POP KUDAMM: CONTEXT by VERMIBUS.
All of you remember the cover of the first PLATOON MAGAZINE by VERMIBUS and his interventions in Berlin Mitte. His new show at Kurfürstendamm is a blast!
Let’s celebrate together the OPENING on Saturday 4th of June 7 PM. Please let us know if you can make it.


POP KUDAMM is a temporary cultural venue where urban development is artistically interpreted and creatively experienced." Under this premisses the Berlin-based artist VERMIBUS was selected for the first solo exhibition.

VERMIBUS work does not focus on urban development in general, but based on the change in the reception of its artistic position, the change of the city becomes more than clear and the relevance of art in this process can be experienced:

In 2011, the first works by VERMIBUS appeared in the advertising light boxes in central Berlin: fascinatingly disfigured models on advertising posters without logos and messages - powerfully attractive and irritating. Illegal ad-busting in the city's trendy districts – So Berlin!

10 years later his art is presented in a solo exhibition on the luxury boulevard Kurfürstendamm in a temporary cultural venue initiated by investors – what happened?

Urban art asks questions and changes urban culture.

The inspiring power of artworks create a phenomina with the audience which we actually call art: an irritation with the creative potential for new perceptions, positions and development.

VERMIBUS has changed the city with his artworks: For more than 10 years he has taken his contemporary position – the artistic critique of the beauty craze and luxury consumption – in the streets of Berlin. In the meantime, these questions are also being asked on Kurfürstendamm and in the corporate headquarters of the fashion industry.

The questioning of ideals of beauty and limitless growth through consumption has meanwhile become a general social discourse. The future of cities is also discussed in a more complex and creative way today. The disruptive power of art creates the opportunity to perceive problems and rethink solutions. This is what art does best.

Changed context raises different questions.

The works of VERMIBUS have always been closely linked to the context in which they are perceived. Urban interventions surprise by their unexpected appearance. This gives them their special artistic power. The subversive presentation of his artworks in advertising light boxes is an elementary part of his questioning and artistic positioning.

In his new exhibition, VERMIBUS focuses on the question of context: the artworks are not presented in public space, but the urban space is staged as a reduced theatrical backdrop in the gallery. This reversal addresses the essence of art: how do artworks change when they are labeled as 'art'?

While urban interventions generate their energy through the unexpected presence of art, art is already anticipated in a gallery. In this context, the artistic work of VERMIBUS pose new questions about the principles of art.

These questions are also asked within the digital medium of art: what happens when you experience the urban space as a 360° augmented reality presentation and discover the works of art in it? Or how does an NFT change the ideal and monetary value of an artwork?

In this exhibition, the unique position of his artworks is combined with the question of context to create a subtle and highly exciting art experience.

"CONTEXT" Disturbing Beauties by Vermibus
Surrounded by the exciting contrasts of the Kurfuerstendamm, international Berlin-based artist Vermibus is questioning contemporary ideals of beauty.

Drawing on a unique position, emerging from urban art and public space interventions, Vermibus brings into the first art exhibition at POP KUDAMM his civil disobedience interventions and altered fashion imaginary within a solo exhibition titled “CONTEXT”.


PHOTO: Courtesy of the artists