VIENNA · questions of uncertainty and recombination, transparency and consensus, notation and decision making, have shaped the work of John Cage in connection with social as well as strong compositional appointments. in 1970 composed and compiled song books are, like most compositions by John Cage, open plan and include graphical and verbal instructions as the basis for individual freedom and realizations.

as part of SCORES N°5: Chaos and in the context of the 100th Birthday this year, is a performative project, also with PLATOON MEMBER Ellinor Ljungkvist #5864 (solo for voice 7), dedicated to the artist and musician. 

the project takes up the idea of process: a series of choreographic research in the framework of the project Songbooks as a game guide were developed by different artists, will be experienced together with a newly formed commission in a room. each of the participants has chosen one or more songs to this choreography alone or with others to implement.

the works developed in the framework of "Songbooks as Playing Directions", a commissioned work by the Berlin Academy of the Arts initiated by Reinhild Hoffmann, in cooperation with the Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin, on the occasion of the programme A year from Monday – 365 Days of Cage by the Academy of the Arts.