BERLIN · Circus Wagner: "Wagner reloaded" with Tommy Yamaha, electric pie, Cyrena Dunbar and Ingo Schweiger (world premiere)
A co-production with the Cultural Office / Project Office City of Nuremberg


The songwriter, musician and DJ Tommy Yamaha made ​'​Wagner'. He has dissected it, sampled, interpreted to then completely reassemble it again. The result is an hour of music, in which you find the old master in every note, in a way you've never experienced before.

The sensitive analysis of the composition of Tommy Yamaha provides the basis for fire artistry, dance and acrobatics. Cyrena Dunbar and Ingo Schweiger, the choreographers, have created imaginative images that are touching and emmersive.

Both the stage design based on multiple depth levels, as well as it being specially designed for the evening light objects in combination with projections that will performed dramatically live for the music, the result, creating an optical frame for a special evening.
What started as an experiment for all participants, developed in the course to a spectacle that blends perfectly into the circus tent atmosphere.