BERLIN · Here's something fun for summer! Wasserschlacht 2013, the big border battle between Friedrichschain and Kreuzberg.

What is 'Wasserschlacht'?

The water fight is one of the traditional rituals of violence in the region. Actually it is a vegetable battle, battling it out with Native Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg patriots. A very cruel and devastating event where separatist movements have been laid open before the forced merger of the two districts.

Often the conflict is misinterpreted as an East-West conflict, whereas it's just more about pure pleasure.

Who is behind the project?

The battle is being organized by the independant combatants themselves. They bring their monition and melee weapons with them and making sure of course nobody gets hurts!
Potatoes, for example, are pre-cooked.

Wasserschlacht the Big Border Battle needs financial support.
DEADLINE for project crowdfunding is: 16th August 2013!

Support and take part !!!

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