WORLD · the Future Shorts Festival is the biggest pop up film festival of its kind, showcasing the most exciting short films from around the world. anyone, anywhere can set up a screening and be part of a massive screening network and a powerful global community.

they are looking for explorers, adventurers, dreamers and those looking to be part of something that is changing the way we look at the world and cinema.

AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW TRAILER WILL PREMIER AT 11(GMT) on Future Short's facebook page found here.

countries where a screening is already scheduled:

Australia | Cambodia | Denmark | Finland | Indonesia | Poland | Philippines | Russia | Sweden | UK | USA | Vietnam | Lithuania | Latvia | Rwanda |

don't miss out because you didn't know about ti! find a screening near you on the Festival's Global Map.

do you want to set up your own festival screening? Please visit or get in touch with them at