PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is designed as an experimental space for artists and creatives, and for the members of the PLATOON NETWORK. The program is curated by PLATOON Cultural Development and various invited curators. The venue hosts art projects, workshops and events in the realms of club culture, subcultural networks, global movements and more. It also presents a multitude of creative and artistic projects that clash with regular art institutions. Subculture at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is presented in different formats like exhibitions, movie nights, concerts and multimedia performances, workshops, discussion panels and special events.

The ARTIST LAB scholarship programs give young upcoming artists the opportunity to develop their creative projects and be supported by the affiliated network.

The modular architecture consists of up to 34 standard freight containers. This award-winning architectural concept represents the global spirit of sharing cultural goods and flexibility as a moveable building. PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Seoul opened in 2009 followed by its Berlin counterpart in 2012. The KUNSTHALLE is an integral part of PLATOON DNA, and will be rolled out to other continents soon.