PLATOON Cultural Development was founded in the year 2000 as a communication organization envisioning a global creative network aiming to change the world. Since then, we have been thinking about a magazine like the one you hold in your hands now.

As commercial agencies fail to assist brands in fulfilling cultural responsibility with their large influence, our goal was to create a bridge between the two main players in the cultural field: artists/creatives and brands/institutions. We believe in the strength of cultural development to resist pure economic or power-driven objectives. But on the other hand, economic resources are often necessary to fully realize an artistic project. The PLATOON AGENCY provides this catalyzing partnership of artists and brands in various international projects and campaigns.

Over the course of the last 15 years, we have gathered more than 12.000 members from over 50 countries who believe in this strategy. Working with them on artistic and commercial projects of different directions led us to create a space for these activities: PLATOON KUNSTHALLE. First opened in Seoul, Korea in 2009 as our headquarters for Asia, it was quickly followed in 2012 by PLATOON KUNSTHALLE BERLIN. The shipping container structures became the physical platforms and steel ambassadors for all of our activities.  

Now, the PLATOON MAGAZINE is another physical platform to showcase the visionary energy of our network. While also published online on our redesigned, relaunched website, the print issue will be distributed via the network to all populated continents.

Each quarterly edition not only highlights the creativity we see on a daily basis within the PLATOON NETWORK, it also includes a theme — an artistic topic of global relevance. First on our agenda: wearable technology. We explore the topic in various texts, offering a general overview and opinions, as well as profiles of several of our members working in the field. Soon enough, we’ll see wearable technology affect our everyday lives, and we’re giving you a glimpse into how that might manifest.

Ultimately, this magazine is for inspiration — another step to reach our goals of cultural development. If, like us, you’re interested in changing the world, then read on. We want to share the experience with a like-minded community. We hope that you will join us in doing so.

The PLATOON MAGAZINE was an initial project to present The Global Creative Alliance and was distributed through our allies on all continents. The publication features our network member’s projects, opinion articles and other contributions that are relevant to the theme of each issue.

The themes explored in the three issues of PLATOON MAGAZINE are timeless and still actual today.