First, we are thrilled to announce the PLATOON HUB MEXICO, opening on June 6th, 2016. For six months we will create a temporary culture space in Mexico City. From June to November we invite all creative minds from Mexico and the rest of the Americas to connect with us in person and become a member of our GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE.

And now, welcome to our third issue! This time we focus on the topic of MOBILITY. Not only in the kind of mobility that takes us to Mexio, you‘ll also see us explore mobility in concrete, everyday developments. Following scandal and general languishing in the automotive industry, we look beyond the classic car idea. Creative mobility ideas will shape our future much more than the slow developments within big car brands.

As usual, each MAGAZINE edition not only focuses on a main topic but also highlights the creativity we see on a daily basis within our global member network (starting page 38), Please enjoy!

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