Showcasing unique MEMBERS & PROJECTS

Welcome to the second edition of PLATOON MAGAZINE, where we invite you to explore our worldwide network through the outstanding projects of some of our eight thousand PLATOON MEMBERS across more than fifty countries.

Each quarterly print publication not only highlights the creativity we see on a daily basis within the PLATOON NETWORK, it also includes a theme — an artistic topic of global relevance. This time on our agenda: temporary spaces. We explore the topic in various texts, offering a general overview and opinions, as well as profiles of several of our members working in the field. As our own spaces are temporary, we personally experience the energy of these unique buildings and situations created by them. Ultimately, this magazine is for inspiration—another channel to reach our goals of culture development, in addition to our creative spaces in Berlin and Seoul. If you’re interested in changing the world like us, then read on. We want to share the excellent experience with a like-minded community. We hope that you will join us in doing so.
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