“It makes no sense to send 10,000 soldiers to the Middle East. It makes much more sense to send 10,000 artists!”— Tom Bueschemann, Co-Founder of PLATOON Cultural Development

The creative energy of contemporary culture changes our world for the better. It opens minds, encourages free thinking and cultivates a global spirit of possibilities. The mission of THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE is to amplify an international movement promoting this potential on both a global and local level, joining forces with allies worldwide.

We face times where politics and business seem to have reached the limits of their abilities to transform our societies towards greater peace, respect and freedom. Technology only eases our profound problems. Traditional religions have generally failed, and the emerging modern spirituality sells self over all.

THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE empowers an alternative, manifesting modern creativity, art and movements which are changing the world right now. We establish supportive relationships within our membership and add relevant cultural topics to the primary agenda—to inspire and promote our collective global cultural development.

“Join a meeting with international business people and you will be depressed by how clueless they are. Connect with artistic creatives and you will be inspired. Only these visionaries have the ability to create real change in every society!”— Christoph Frank, Co-Founder of PLATOON Cultural Development

THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE is the largest independent offline network of creatives worldwide. More than 12,000 members from over 50 countries have joined in person—we exist in real life, as more than an “online social network.” Our members come from all different fields of expertise, because creativity and the will for change are not reserved to artists alone, but can be found in butchers and bankers. You are welcome, too.

The unique quality of our allies and affiliated institutions and brands lies in the mutual mission to change our times through endless local creativity. This in turn triggers international movements facilitated by global communication. We share inspiration and knowledge to support the culture that changes the lives of the people experiencing it.

Founded in 2000 by PLATOON Cultural Development in Berlin, the activities of THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE are spread throughout the world. Offices in Berlin, Seoul and Mexico City are the launchpads for further expansions throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Affiliate (No donation mandatory)

If you want to become an Alliance affiliate, please fill out the form online. The Affiliation puts you on our newsletters and opens the doors to all member events worldwide. And it’s the first step to becoming a member.

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Recruit allies worldwide

THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE is open to everyone who wants to join our mission of changing the world through culture. The next milestone is to reach 100,000 members until 2025. Imagine the power of 1,000 active allies in each of the most relevant 100 cities—connecting and supporting each others’ activities locally and globally.

The Alliance communicates its mission, activities and member projects online, offline and through the media worldwide. Temporary culture spaces showcase the possibilities and are the touchpoints for recruiting.

Connect and create global collaborations

The Alliance actively cultivates and establishes connections between its members. The temporary culture spaces and our many diverse offline formats locally involve our allies in person.

The cultural managers of the Alliance curate global collaborative projects by putting creative matches together: contemporary culture projects, international exhibitions, artworks and performances, aligning international movements and players, conferences and round tables.

Through the online Member Section every member can find international counterparts through their own research and contact them directly. Most of these relationships develop organically afterwards and multiply the cultural output.

Manifest and promote

THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE consists of people who already bring to life inspiring projects locally. Many of them are drivers of local cultural movements which have the power to inspire internationally. We communicate these projects and movements to a global audience through our online and offline channels, as well as intensive public relations, fueled by more than 100,000 affiliates and fans.

Through the culture radar within the Alliance, we detect and formulate the creative topics of our times and put them on the international agenda. We irritate, pose questions and inspire everyone who does not take the status quo as given.

The PLATOON MAGAZIN was an initial review of the diverse and inspiring quality of our members worldwide. The selection of the finest member projects in 2015 and 2016 is still an inspiring source and a showcase of THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE. Here you can find all three issues: We strongly recommend to have a look to get a glimpse of who we are!

Find all issues of the MAGAZINE here.

“No one supported us here in Mexico. No one even took notice of us youngsters who are not an established and financially successful company. But we are on the forefront of a new movement in this country: combining art and technology without commercially sell-out. The first one who supported and promoted our project was THE GLOBAL CREATIVE ALLIANCE!”— Mar Namihira, Pac Interactive Studio