A platoon, per definition, is the smallest independently operating unit that can be deployed into action. However small, it only takes a passionate team of dedicated individuals to make ideas happen.

Our organization, PLATOON Cultural Development, has attracted open-minded individuals from many different fields of expertise to join forces with the mission of making a difference. Radical minds, visionary thinkers, artists and creative professionals have all applied in person to be a part of PLATOON NETWORK. Today, it’s an international roster of more than 7500 members, hailing from over 53 countries. We always welcome the chance to meet more outstanding creatives. Recruitment gives you the opportunity to interact with other members in the PLATOON network, a platform where creatives can meet and work together, share insights and ideas, and present projects to a receptive community. 

Within the recruitment process, new members are sorted into various "Special Forces,”  a set of 23 professional fields spanning architecture, art, design, performance, communication, science, education, politics, information technology and more. When different skills and personalities come together, they often provide unexpected results that may lay the ground for new cultural developments. The cultural seismograph of PLATOON scans the constant output of the network and presents it in its temporary container infrastructures, PLATOON KUNSTHALLE, which serve as hubs for the network and incubators for innovative ideas.

With our new PLATOON MAGAZINE — published quarterly and distributed on all continents by PLATOON´s ambassadors to a number of cultural spaces — we now offer an additional platform for our members, also designed as a reference for curators and others in the cultural sector. In the magazine, we present our members’ finest, highlighting the breadth of their talents and the extent of their achievements. 

In this first issue, we introduce you to projects like SOUND OF LIGHT, a synergy of colors and sound pulsing in a huge inflatable bubble, or LICHTGRENZE, a poetic statement and public artwork that pays tribute to the fall of the Berlin Wall. We also lure you into the world of demons created by artist VERMIBUS, who transforms beautiful models into transfigured monsters by stealing advertisements from billboards at night, only to replace them in broad daylight. Maybe you´d like to STOP & THINK a moment with G, reflecting upon philosophical issues. Or why not just get naked, literally and figuratively, with DELIVERANCE — pondering existential questions about what we really need not only to survive but actually to live. You’ll find all of these and more in this issue of PLATOON MAGAZINE.

If you are not a member yet, but you want to actively engage, find out more at platoon.org/recruiting.

Apply to be ambassador of the PLATOON network, organize cultural activities and help us distribute the magazine in your city.  Find out more at platoon.org/magazine/about.