German Champion Fights American for the World Championship in Chessboxing for the First Time!

On Saturday, November 3, 2007, David “DOUBLE D” Depto and “ANTI TERROR” Frank Stoldt will meet in Berlin. The fight for the world light heavyweight title will take place in the storage area of Tape, one of the most popular clubs in the city.
For the first time in the history of this young sport, an American will challenge Europe’s best chessboxer for the world championship on November 3.07:

Coming from San Francisco, David “DOUBLE D” Depto is 30 years old, weighs 85 kilograms (187,4 pounds) and has fought in 30 boxing matches. His chess ELO rating is 1850. Professionally, the trained economist with an IQ of 140 is a manager of a large concern in the pharmaceutical industry.

“ANTI TERROR” Frank Stoldt comes from Berlin, is 36 years old and weighs 84.5 kilograms (186,3 pounds). He has previously fought in 25 boxing matches and was the kickboxing champion of Berlin. He has been an active chessboxer since 2005 and has a chess ELO rating of 2000. He is a police officer and is currently training police forces in Kosovo on behalf of the United Nations. He completed his boxing training in the truly authentic atmosphere of an Albanian boxing club.

After former boxing heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis outed himself as a huge fan of chess boxing, the WCBO, the World Chess Boxing Organization has continued to grow in international popularity and has attracted a large number of new athletes. This new sport is finding especially strong interest in the USA and Russia. The WCBO is preparing for its first international tour in 2008.

Chessboxing is presented to the German audience in the storage area of the Tape club, Heidestrasse 14, behind the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin-Mitte.
The evening begins at 8:00pm with two undercard fights.

The first undercard fight will take place at the middle weight division: The reigning Prenzlauer Berg champion of the Berlin club CBCB, Sebastian Bauersfeld, 23 years old, 74 kg (163,1 pounds), with an ELO rating of 1750, will take on Jan Mielke, the champion of Cologne, 34 years old, 70 kg (154,3 pounds), with an ELO rating of 1600.
In the second match at the light heavyweight division, Berliner Sascha Wandkowski, 28 years old and 79 kg (174,2 pounds), with an ELO rating of 1850, will take on Marc Breuer from Cologne, 35 years old, 81 kg (178,6 pounds), with an ELO rating of 1972.

As a special highlight, a sound score especially composed for chessboxing by top producer Junkie XL from Los Angeles.

SATURDAY // 3.11.2007 // 20:00

Tickets cost 15 € for standing room
30 € for a seat in the third row
40 € for the second row
60 € for the first row and 120 € for the first row and champagne.

Tickets can be ordered per email:
Charges to be collected additionally: 2,55€

Fighting is done in the ring, wars are waged on the board!