the Tilt e.V. presents Interaktion2 Festival:
16 musicians in 8 random duos competing for the best interaction.

the contest is open to any music improviser residing in Berlin. any music style and instrument are allowed: free-jazz, rock, classical, electronic, laptops, self-made instruments, avant-garde… whatever! no combos or ensembles are allowed. this contest is just for brave, really brave individuals.

if selected, you will have to perform along with another musician. you won't know with whom you will play until your act begins. you won’t be allowed to prepare, rehears or musically plan your concert. the focus of the contest is on how you interact with other musician rather your soloist abilities!

your performance will be judged by the audience, through a clear voting system. No tricks, no corrupted juries, no organizer’s tendencies and no CD-company's impositions.
your act shouldn't be longer than 12-minutes. No extra time will be allowed. every performer will receive 80.- euros for his-her performance. first prize duo will receive 1000€, second prize duo receive 500€. prize money will be given in cash at the end of the event. the prize is shared by each winning duo.

the contest's aim is to promote improvised music and musicians in Berlin to a large variety of audience.

deadline: 28.01.2009 APPLY NOW!

the event will take place on Feb. 28th 2009 at
Haus der Sinne / Prenzlauer Berg