1,032 pieces of art were presented together at the 1st International Young Artist Spring Art Competition that began in the end of Feburary 2008. The theme of this public subscription was that there is NO theme, all styles and forms of presentation were admitted for anybody. The artists' ages ranged from 4 to 67 years and people from different nationalities like Korea, France,England and America took part. Also the occupations of each one of them were so different, varying from writer, food dish model maker, railroader,celadon artisan etc..). It was the first time, that all kinds of art works like fine art painting, industrial art, works for university access, photographs, and video art etc. were permitted at the same time and this competition was success.

지난 2월 말에 개최된 ‘제1회 인터내셔널 영아티스트 춘계예술대전’작품 공모를 통해 1,032점의 작품이 모였다. 주제와 형식에 자유가 없었던 이번 공모전에는 한국, 프랑스, 영국, 미국 등 여러 나라에서 4세에서 67세 이르는 폭넓은 연령대, 기성 작가 외에도 요리 모형 제작사, 철도청 직원, 청자 장인에 이르기까지 다양한 아티스트가 참가하였다. 작품 또한 순수 회화에서 공예, “입시 미술”, 사진, 비디오 아트에 이르는 다양한 형식이 시도 되었다.

영상, 설치, 퍼포먼스/ 혼합매체/ 174*98(cm) –performance.
시위 현장 속에 들어가 행해지는 퍼포먼스. shouting man은 어느 편에도 서지 않고 사람들의 불만을 대신 외친다.
SHOUTING MAN-for instance shouting for people in demonstration .

it was a very special experience for me, starting from 1st floor to the 2nd floor basement .
Over 300 different pieces of art were there ...it was little too much for getting a impresstion fromI all of them but l really enjoyed it.
Here are some of pictures that l think are special from my point of view ^^.

it’s UDO ‚s favorite....right udo?^^.

she is korean l think....^^.no boob job tho....?hmmmmmmmm

I am not an expert for art at all but I am learning yeah~~slowly~~^^

Thank you all.