today is the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall.
all the people, who lived before in the west-sector know about the reprisals by border crossings where ever you would go: for visiting friends in the east-sector or for a journey with the car or train, where you had to drive through the german democratic republic.
before 1989 west-berlin was a city like a big family. everyone lived together without reservations, because all were aware that they were living here in a state of emergency. so it was a crazy big town, which was attractive for its attitude for life and not for economic status. but I think, the most of them don´t know the real life in the east part of the city. The reality confrontated the west-inhabitants, when one refugee was shot and killed on the run in the west-sector.

but in the night, when the wall fell down, it was such an enjoyment all over the city, you can´t visualize it if you havent been there. it was so great.

despite all the political mistakes, that have been done in many ways through the german unification towards the people in the eastern region, it was the best thing that did happened in the last century: citizens of the german democratic republic stood up to fight for their rights.