Andy, also essential collaborator of the swiss art collective etoy, has been our guests at KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU for the etoy 10-week opening exhibition - now we welcome him back to this side of the world.

Andy is a pioneer sound artist and one of the fathers of european electronic experimental music. back in october he presented the audio-visual performance THE INSTRUMENT at KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU.

he has strongly influenced multiple generations of musicians and artists of the international noise movement.

back in 1983, together with Norbert Möslang and under the name of Voice Crack, he began to crack everyday electronic devices, manipulate them and experiment in performance situations, breaking down the traditional barrier between daily items and musical instruments and their acoustic perception. in the1990s the duo expanded their reach into visual representation of acoustic phenomena with installations, such as the „Sound Shifting“ at the Venice Biennial 2001.

Andy Guhl was involved in the developement of the etoy.BROOD SOUNDSYSTEM and the TAMATAR, he is also part of the etoy.ART COLLECTION.

Concert in the Elektro Acoustic Salon
Andy Guhl | Reuber | Klangwart | DJ Markus Detmer
DJ Ekkehard Ehlers | David Cunningham |

if you cant wait until then... on the 11th of Nov. Andy will perform at Kunsthalle Wil.
check out Andy's website