Spring is here ! After a cup of coffee on this nice and warm Sunday afternoon philipp and me headed over to sparwasser hq who were hosting 'Architectures of Survival' until yesterday, an exhibition curated by Brussel based collective Komplot.

After some explanations and chit chat with the curators, we strolled around in the rooms. Besides some smaller pieces of art, the results of a play-dooh explosion covering the whole room proves the open and process-oriented approach of the gallery. We like it !

A little later romanian architects ‚StudioBasar’ gave a really interesting lecture about legal housing evictions in Bucharest. (they promised to send some more pictures)

Since the fall of communism in Romania the law enables pre-communist house owners to reclaim their former property.

StudioBasars public proposal „Evicting the Ghost“ documents how law forces citizens, that moved in during communism, to evacuate their houses in order to return them to the former owners.

As a consequence and a form of protest, affected inhabitants move in so called „ghost houses“ - stacks of furniture wrapped in foil - on the sidewalks directly in front of their former domicile.

It’s quite impressive how they manage to handle this situation and improve the temporary „houses“ over time.

Artist Yan Renand works with different objects and creates a process of transformation by mixing painting, food and growing vegetation in plastic bags. He spent most of this evening in doing a “knitting” performance in which he created small objects made by strings.

In the basement of Sparwasser hq we found some interesting video works by Christine Woditschka , Meiya Lin and David Blandy which gave us reason to discuss our different tastes of visual art.

On top of all that, chatting with interesting people and drinking a beer in comfortable atmosphere, made it a really nice evening.