"Twende Berlin" is the story of 1 Kenyan urban superhero (Upendo Hero) and 6 Kenyan musicians who decided to explore the urban scene of Berlin and demonstrate that art is a powerful media to develop an open multicultural and creative urban environment, which basically means a better society.

the Urban Mirror crew is looking for artists and musicians from Berlin to be part of the documentary and are now collecting ideas/proposals for public art performance/action/intervention.

if you are an artist, send them a proposal about a public art project you would like to develop with Upendo Hero and his team. explain why you think this performance/action/intervention should be part of their mission in Berlin and if you are a musician, send a proposal about a song, a rhyme, a beat, to trigger the ‘public space anthem’.

seven of the best public art proposals and one song will be selected by the public-space oracle who needs to know byOCTOBER 31th 2010.

the project is promoted by Cultural Video Foundation, an international non-governmental specialized in media production, Urban Mirror CBO, a community based organization whose mission is to use public art in public spaces to promote community development, in partnership with the Goethe Institut Nairobi.

if you are interested in the project and need some more info please don't hesitate to contact silvia@culturalvideo.org