stroke - urban arts fair: i know the collaboration between art and brands is a thin line, sometimes it works, sometimes it's a bit difficult. i have no problem that stroke is trying to sell sexergy to the masses. no problem with pilsner urquell being present either, there is just something about the set-up that didn't exactly convince me to stay. I guess it's the mix of white walls and blue light that gives it an instance adidas look. but who cares...

the exhibition itself is a mix of really cool artists, art print galleries pretending to be artists, and stores that represent their fashion and artists. I really enjoyed the actual upstairs exhibition, but I believe that a different location would have done the whole thing a world of good.

this needs to be said though: all respect goes out to marco schwalbe for putting up the event and for providing street artists with such a big platform to exhibit their works... maybe next time in a different location :).

for more pics check out the facebook album