we would like to draw your attention to the finissage of ARTAQ, at STATTBAD WEDDING. after 16 days of an outstanding display of creativity, the first berlin urban art award is coming to an end this saturday (11.12)
George (PLATOON member #3566) is organising live painting and light writing on the day. you might also get to experience the pleassure of seeing George at work herself (for the first time in ages, so not to be missed ^^)

there will be an after party at around 9pm and the entry is FREE!

2pm - 10pm: exhibition rooms open
4pm - 8pm: live painting in small pool
8pm - 10pm: lightwriting workshop by RIOTarts in the small pool
9pm: after party

DDG/ BLO / Goin / Plotbot / Emess / Robert Wilheim / Irgh & Urkel / Sam Crew / Bean / Crin .. more to be announced.

9pm-10:30pm: WerMonster
10:30pm-11:30pm: trimaxis
11:30pm-1:00pm: stagga
1:00pm-2:30am: aktshn
2:30am -end: Kurtz

for more information go to the stattbad website
or visit facebook