the 6th asia-pacific weeks take place from september 10 to 23, 2007 and will be dedicated to the motto: „asia-pacific: changing the world“.
this is a very big event with more then a hundred arrangements.
it is a platform for political, economic, cultural and science dialogue and exchange with partner countries in the asia-pacific-region.
the slogan is " berlin: gateway to asia“

the business and science programm basically consists of three conference clusters:

-„urban sustainability conference (usc)“

national and international actors from the spheres of politics, business and science conference on all relavant aspects of urban infrastructure.

- „conference on multilateral economic cooperation with the asean (cmec-asean)“

the conference will focus on cooperation as regards environmental issues, energy-politics and trade.

- „creative industries conference (cic)“

it supports long term collaboration with partners of the asian-pacific countries in cultural industries, product development, creative applications of technology and media, and in information transfer.
the cic encompasses radio and music projects, digital media, communication and product design, fashion projects, networking, lifestyle, city planning and community.

Platoon recommends: the china calling event

music experts from china inform and discuss about current developements and restructuring of chinese music market. They try to find out possibilities for networking between the european music industry and the chinese one.

invited are selected well know representatives of china’s music media who come to berlin to visit the popkomm music exposition like hao fang edito-in-chief rollingstone magazine china or wang xiang publisher of gramophon magazine china.

date: 21.09.2007
venue: cicero-galerie
adress: rosenthalerstr. 38 10178 berlin
time: 13.30-16.00