The concept of “asphalt pilots” may not conjure an immediate image, but it’s a phrase that suits the eponymous international, interdisciplinary artist group well.

Steered by dancer Anna Anderegg —usually in conjunction with musician Marco Barotti and live painter Herve Thiot, amongst others—their dance installations turn urban spaces into unusual and arresting happenings. Whether playing with perception geometrically using projected line art in a small space or with architectural images projected over actual architecture in a sprawling, multi-story spectacle—all to an otherworldly soundtrack— ASPHALT PILOTEN’s basic elements of choreography, music and visual art combine for an ephemeral, site-specific multi-sensory celebration.Drawing in the political, ASPHALT PILOTEN specialize in unannounced, public performances, making whoever is passing by their audience. The gesture reflects their anti-elitist stance as well as devotion to playful, random acts of beauty. Additionally, their use of waste materials such as newspaper, cardboard or bottle tops for costumes and set design is both environmental statement and quotidian allegiance. And while their approach is clearly informed by ‘high art’ traditions, ASPHALT PILOTEN’s uniquely modern sensibilities bring dance out of the institution and onto the street, opening it up to an entirely new group of people.