"street theatre and grand opera at the same time"
richard fantina, east village eye, nyc.

after the demise of “the vanishing”, jessie evans
decided to team up with bettina koster (ex-malaria!).
the result is autonervous. this self-titled debut is very unique and cannot be easily categorized, a mix of all kinds of styles: pop, new wave, rocksteady, trip-hop, krautrock, latin, disco, deathrock, film and free jazz.
Both women sing and play saxophone and have created the sound organically, so even though it is electronic it’s much more natural; the atmosphere is loose yet gripping,
inviting visitors to come closer - like they want to
catch you in their web but once they do they will
shower you with kisses and if you’re lucky throw you
on the floor.

their music is also very theatrical,
taking the listener deep into surreal and unexpected
places with each track. (article)

*a track of their new album will also be on the upcoming
chicks on speed compilation 'girl monster' with 60+
women’s bands.

especially for this occasion, which coincides with the
end-of-season berlin concerts (as they will be moving to italy soon), bettina and jessie have incorporated a very special drummer into their set: toby dammit…. the true story behind this man leaves some dizzy-headed

*and prepare your bellies for “betti´s burgers” as we will be tasting bettina´s farewell specialities accompanied with some homemade moonshine “eau de vie”…