BERLIN · we are very glad to hear that after several months of disappearance artist Ai Weiwei has finally been released!

well... he is released on bail but at least he is not hidden in some secret cell!

the whole affair was not only about Ai Weiwei, we always perceived him as an icon representing all those dissidents that keep disappearing and have not the fortune to be as known as him. the issue is still alive... WHERE ARE THE OTHERS? 130 activists disappeared few months ago! have dissidents the right to express their opinions?

we supported this cause with our PLATOON NETWORK as many others of you did out there... our simple and easy to print MISSING POSTER and PASTE UP contributed to the worldwide protest to free Weiwei. activists printed the leaflet from Hong Kong to Seoul, in San Francisco and even in Perth, Australia!

today we received a nice letter to thank us for the support from Christian L. Frock in San Francisco, who represents Invisible Venue, a collective presenting art in unexpected settings. he sent us a link to an article he wrote recently that was published in Art Practical, an art journal based in the Bay Area where he mentions our action extensively.

in Christian´s words: Cheers to your work on behalf of the artist--long live Ai Weiwei!

among the many forms of protest we really appreciated THE CELL by Jaybo Monk, who also initiated the Facebook page Where is Weiwei, to which we associated with our Container Window Action.

...and how not to mention the hilarious FFFFFREE AI WEIWEI GLASSES and BOOKMARKLET by F.A.T Lab!

we wish Ai Weiwei a good recovery and hope to see him at some point here in Berlin, as he was visiting us at KUNSTHALLE GWANGJU last year.