BERLIN · what an evening! Amanda Fucking Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra delivered a brilliant music performance in the intimate surrounding at the first event ever in PLATOON FACTORY, which is just next to PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

in the relaxed atmosphere with a free BBQ and drinks Amanda Palmer's fans and other art & music lovers have gathered to visit the exhibition of more than 30 artists celebrating Palmer' upcoming album.

the opening show started pompose with a parade of dancers and orchestra marching on PLATOON's new area and so announced that something special was going on in Berlin Mitte. Princessin Hans continued with a passionate performance, which turned out as a perfect introduction for the concert of Palmer & her new band.

the tension in the PLATOON FACTORY was rising, when the Kickstarter queen, who gathered 1.2 million USD, came on the stage and people formed a circle around her. in an almost two hour concert Amanda played some of her old songs, some legendary covers and also songs from her upcoming album, which will be released in september.

beside autograph, chat, music, passion, emotions - what more can an artist give to his fans? Amanda as always took a step forward and ended the thrilling performative act, with taking off all of her clothes and celebrated the evening with her fans painting all over her.

at PLATOON we are honoured to have had the opportunity to host such a down to earth artist & management team and all the nice people who came that night for our first event ever. it was an perfect and encouraging kick off for PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin.

more pictures here!