hello world! 

we are a collaborative duo of new media artists, working with video (av performance, installations), experimental sound and DIY electronics. we've started our artist residency at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in the beginning of august, shortly after we gave the first artists talk. since then we've been involved in many activities here and in other projects around Berlin and internationally.

so far it's been fantastic to be a part of such a vibrant place. here the collective spirit is visible in every little detail, new creative ideas are flourishing. we got truly inspired by the energy of the place and also by its architectural solutions in terms of the acoustical and visual possibilities of the building as a structure. furthermore we would like to pursuit our research on this subject.

PLATOON's network and its community became an important integral part of our everyday dynamic flow and creative existence. here we are meeting interesting people and taking part in events.

for example we've produced a teaser for the SALON REVOLUTIONÄR VOL.1, did some live visuals and live DJ set in couple of the first DONNERSTAGSBAR events and all in all had a lot of fun.

few weeks ago we've started to do some research with pico projector (mini beamer), which is an amazing pocket device (perfect for presentations but could be also used for guerilla urban interventions:).  

august was also full of other adventurous occurrences, as we've had a few screenings and exhibitions of our work at Oslo Queer Film Festival in Norway, Cologne International Videoart Festival, BEGEHUNGEN no 9 - Kunst und Kulturfestival exhibition, Screengrab – Exhibition and New Media Art Award in Townsville, Australia. we also did live visuals at Berlin Music Week at ICAS Suite, an event organized by Club Transmediale and Unsound Festival.

whats next? DIY electronics workshop at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE; testing, researching and creating an installation sculpture from cracked and hacked lcd screens and producing new projects for upcoming festivals in october (Unsound, Tranvizualia in Poland). 

stay tuned.