BERLIN · the latest news in the Berlin startup scene? Gidsy got funded!

congratulations to the people at Gidsy, including members Edial Dekker #4769 & Philipp Wassibauer #4158. to be honest, we weren't terribly surprised at the news considering we knew the Gidsy group was destined for big things. 

but it nonetheless impressed us that Ashton Kutcher, Sunstone Capital, Index Ventures, Werner Vogels, and Peter Read funded Gisdy with $1.2 million in seed funding. Gidsy already operate tours in Berlin, New York, and Amsterdam.

and now it's official: San Fransicso is getting Gidsy too!

according to the site 'Gidsy is a marketplace for authentic experiences', meaning that individuals can decide to host a tour on any topic they choose, adding authenticity to any activity they are knowledgeable about. 

it hosts guided tours that break away from the sometimes drab tourist industry that dominates big cities, and some non-conventional tours too that are also of interest to any locals. coffee tasting tours, burger tour experiences, and nightlife introductions are not just for the visiting backpackers!

equally Gidsy give more than just an authentic experience, it also offers gems to the locals and gives them ways to experience their city and connect with likeminded adventurers. it doesn't stop at tours, but expands into lunchtime yoga classes, collective drawing workshops and even a Berlin startup how-to discussion. 

and tours themselves are not your everyday ordinary tour in that most hosts come from the Gidsy community, the groups are small and the prices extremely low. so check out a tour, before Gidsy takes over the world!

next up: London.