BERLIN · more than 1000 people have now pledged their support on Kickstarter for Betabook – a portable whiteboard – which will go into production this january.

Betabook raised 108% of its required funding in the first eight days of its 43 day campaign. at the time of writing Betabook has raised over $60,000 (over 400% of its original goal of $15,000). most backers will receive an early edition of the product in exchange for their support. Betabook comes in two sizes with a choice of a black or white cover and is available in various reward packages, starting at $30. both sizes are available for pre-order until january 12, 2015.

Betabook is an invention of Jay Cousins, a product designer whose first product Orikaso sold millions of units worldwide. Jay has teamed up with Berlin Creative studio KS12 to design and produce Betabook.

“Betabook offers a space to create free from digital distractions” said inventor Jay Cousins. “whiteboards have been around for decades, but a portable whiteboard product really only makes sense in the digital age. smartphones allow you to snap a photo to keep what matters and simply erase the rest.”

called “the whiteboard that travels like a sketchbook” by Dave Gray – co-author of the book Gamestorming – Betabook is a simple device: a single whiteboard plastic sheet enclosed in a bookbinding. the patent-pending design holds a marker and eraser cloth tightly within the binding when closed. when open Betabook lies flat and allows for single-handed note taking.

Betabook offers a portable workspace for capturing ideas. Betabook complements various smartphone note taking apps such as Evernote and TinyScan or the app Prototyping on Paper, popular with UX/IX designers, while offering new ways of interacting with social media apps such as Instagram and Twitter.

“we wanted to create the best portable whiteboard experience imaginable” added producer Gabriel Shalom. “after two years of materials sourcing and production, we are confident in our factory prototypes. we have established strong relationships with our suppliers in order to ensure a smooth production process.”

Betabook will go into production after january 12, 2015 once its Kickstarter campaign ends.