BERLIN · smiles all around. this was probably one of the best and most absurd evenings I've had for a while. DONNERSTAGSBAR at its finest!.. see, I'm one of the newbies, I've only ever heard the tales of steamy summer nights, dripping bodies in the sweltering heat of the stronghold of the PLATOON yard. I've only ever heard of dimly lit parties with myriads of performing zeniths, of morning hours spend soaking in mampe. all of this has always only existed in my head and in the words of others. then yesterday came along with dramatic clouds, liquid air and storm.

the grill was lit, the salads made, and one after the other joined in the witching hours to celebrate this year's DONNERSTAGSBAR grand opening.

the rain hit, the table moved inside the bar. not long afterwards the musical surprise joined in the madness. note: if you hire a gypsy band of 4, prepare to be surprised, for 4 is simply a reference point - open to definition. with 8 musicians positioned against the container walls we bid farewell to logic and normality and carried on with what we do best - booze-infused merriness!

thanks to everyone who came and made it all happen. now put it down in your calendar: this is a reoccurring event! DONNERSTAGSBAR should become an essential part of your weekly planing process. we're already preparing ourselves for next week! so see you then!

oh, and did I mention: meat is the new black!