BERLIN · is it safe to cross the street? are you moving out of your choice or are you being kicked out? where are the containers? those were just few of the questions asked by people passing by our old area in Alte Schönhauserstr. 3 these days.

containers were flying well, no turbulences, no accidents, everything went well. PLATOON Cultural Development started in early 2000 and this was our second move with containers. we stayed in Weinmeisterstr. 3 for about five years, then in 2007 we moved to Alte Schönhauser 3 for five more incredible years and now we just moved to our new headquarters at Schönhauser Allee 9. not a far move, but a big one.

now our mission is PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin. the first groundwork has been laid, there is still a lot of work to do, but we are already excited.

a big THANK YOU to the PLATOON network and members for supporting us by documenting and helping usin all possible ways. see you in our Kunsthalle soon!

more pics on our facebook page.