BERLIN · yesterday we said goodbye to our PLATOON pool container. It was a somber morning as the crane swooped in, latched onto the four corners of the empty pool and lifted it onto a truck to be transported away from Berlin. 

after moving from the Weinmeister area, the PLATOON pool never seemed to get enough use, as the sun conditions were never ideal and the typical summer in Berlin never lasts long. since it's better to not let things go to waste than hang on a nostalgic past, a army-green overseas shipping container with PLATOON written on the side is going to a better home when it can live up to its full potential.

our building master Stefan #643 cleverly filled the gap where the container pool stood by recycling graffitied aluminum, scrambling up the original order of color and images to create his own personal piece of artwork!

so here’s the old container and a new chapter in the PLATOON area.