BERLIN · on monday, PLATOON talked to GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB GERMANY founders Jesse Scott #5656 and Mirae Rosner #5667 about their upcoming annual general meeting and the future of GRLG in Berlin. 

the organization is"an art group dedicated to outfitting graffiti writers, artists and protesters with open source technologies for urban communication". the LIGHTRIDER, a multipurpose bike with a built in sound system and projector for the occasional BLITZTAG, lets the team digitally tag unassuming buildings on their night time prowls.

GRLG recently celebrated their successful one year anniversary with great grander, roaming the streets of Mitte on the LIGHTRIDER. the organization itself is changing and expanding, and the annual general meeting hopes to boost this transition by accumulating new members and projects, future collaborators and forward thinkers. 

there's great plans for next year, including new uses for the LIGHTRIDER (to include mobile cinemas and mobile sound systems for example). this meeting is their first open meeting because GRL want fresh faces to get involved and make sure the cell continues, as well as has the space and opportunity to expand.

with the help of their crowdfunding campaign LINES OF FLIGHT, Jesse and Mirae of Memelab are so close to their goal of traveling to Incheon, right outside of Seoul, to take park in an artist residency program. they'll be making Kimchi and expanding their research in media art and urban interventions. and they'll even be visiting KUNSTHALLE SEOUL to take part in some events and learning experiences.

don't forget to attend the meeting this friday (11.11.11) beginning at 18:00 here at PLATOON (map). anyone who wants to get involved, bring new ideas and expertise, and support GRLG is invited! there will be BLITZTAGGING at PLATOON afterwards too, just in case you needed an extra incentive.

check out the video of Jesse and Mirae taking about the annual general GRLG meeting, and don't forget to help them get the South Korea - only a few more dollars! and see you friday at PLATOON.