BERLIN · last weekend was the urban intervention known as MAKERPLATZ when hundreds of makers, innovators, and creatives from the greater Berlin area gathered together at MORITZPLATZ to take part in a collaborative festival of making. it became obvious to the players who occupied the space over the last few years, that various MAKER organizations cropped up around the MORITZPLATZ area. this festival hoped to unite the makers, establish contacts and collaborations for participants to further enhance the MAKER COMMUNITY in berlin.

their dreams were certainly realized, as MAKERPLATZ was a huge success!! there were workshops providing lots of information about how easy it is to be a maker in this city ranging from a nanode hacking workshop to pop-up ping pong tables and badmitten enthralled both participants as well as passerbys who eventually warmed to the high energy levels and community vibe felt around the round-a-bout.

Artconnect Berlin introduced free ideas where anyone could contribute their idea to the fishbowl where others would pick from. some ideas were rather silly, but some rather insightful.
people were learning how to screen print their own design on their favorite item or stamp patterns of their not-so-favorite object thanks to Esty Lab.

friends at Open Design City hosted a mushroom throwies workshop by Semiramis Ceylanand it didn't matter the level of expertise, all were invited!

into the night, Graffiti Research Lab Germany brought their LIGHT RIDER to the platz where laser graffiti was projected onto the walls of apartments around. meanwhile the Makers didn't stop; even after the scheduled events, they continued to hack and reinvent costumes for the after party event.

the vibe was inspirational and creative, and PLATOON member Ana Djordjevic #5850 shared her thoughts of the day's events by telling us it made her feel more involved as an artists and maker in Berlin. her practical and fashionable bicycle side-car, inspired by the many discarded supermarket trollies around the streets of Berlin (upcycled bikes), embodied the MAKERPLATZ spirit of giving old objects new life. collaboration with like-minded individuals during the day was for Ana both fun and enjoyable as well as motivating. check out our interview with Ana soon to be uploaded!

thanks for all the MAKERS in berlin for a energetic reengagement with our urban environment and fellow creatives in berlin. hopefully we see an event like this again soon!
check out the list of all participants at MAKERPLATZ.NET.
if you are a PLATOON MEMBER and you are not in the INVOLVED list, drop us a line.

and see here for a more detailed account and review of the MAKERPLATZ intervention.

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