BERLIN · triple threat, Simonne Jones, singer, artist and scientist is doing an artists residency at the PLATOON ARTIST LAB in Berlin. she is creating interactive and motion-detecting LED paintings. below you can read a report written by Simonne:

"science and art are inseparable. scientists and artists both attempt to transform our reality in ways that we can understand. neither are content with what exists overtly in nature. they want to dive deep into the secrets of the universe. as a scientist and artist i am passionate about creating work that catalyzes a curiosity to explore a limitless universe.

a pattern that emerges in both my artwork and music is the intensity of human spirit and the drive and explore the unknown. creation is my attempt to discover the otherworldly and along the way collect a cabinet of curiosities. my music is scientific in its approach. for example, music is about organizing and finding patterns within the sounds and vibrations in the universe. my work reflects the assumption that there is more to our environment that what we can see, and that our perception is not a reliable truth.

i love to work with LEDs because I am reminded that science, technology and art are inseparable. i often begin a piece by identifying a phenomena I would like to understand, similar to how a scientist forms a hypothesis. when i worked in a genetics laboratory studying the structures involved in HIV replication, i realized the common ground in artistic and scientific thinking processes.

while a resident artist at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin I am creating works that integrate my interests in science and art by combining visual arts, science and technology. i am creating interactive, motion-detecting, LED paintings. each painting represents scientific patterns in the universe such as the second law of thermodynamics in physics (entropy), quantum mechanics, subatomic particles, nebulas, constellations and dark matter. the works will project constellations in the room around them and together embody their own little universe. they explore the trans-dimensional information regarding curiosity about existence with a scientific context.

when people see my work i would like them to be inspired to stretch the boundaries of what is familiar to them and discover something stimulating. i hope to inspire others to catch a glimpse of the other side of the looking glass; a place that holds the secrets of the universe, in an attempt to catch a glimpse of something beautiful and elusive. consequently, as we look through the looking glass, we see our own reflections and propagate self discovery."

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