BERLIN · the MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART in Berlin (MPA-B) is preparing for this coming MAY with four weeks of contemporary, independent, and experimental performance art.

now MPA-B is gearing up for another successful month of May, but first they need your help! the latest crowdfunding project from INKUBATO is to support performance artists and keep the thriving artist community in Berlin alive, creative, and an autonomous cultural player. 

PLATOON friend and member Francesca Romana Ciardi #3292 (among our many performance artists involved in the project) tipped us off for the crowdfunding campaign and teamed up with INKUBATO founder Konrad Lauten #5302 to lay out their campaign to seek the minimum nessecary sponsorship to cover the logistical and production costs ahead for the next addition of MONTH OF PERFORMACE ART in Berlin during MAY 2012.

in 2011, MPA-B saw its first year with 40 curated events, 100 participating artists, curators and producers, 25 hosting venues/locations and thousands of both on-site and online visitors. it was almost entirely an artist funded project, relying on crowdfunding and fundraising conducted by the performance art community.

come out and support Berlin's performers and get the program rolling!

equally, if you're a performer yourself there is still time to apply to participate in the MAY festivities. see here for more info on getting involved. the deadline is MARCH 1.

From MPA-B's announcement:
'MPA-B brings together artists, curators, producers, venues, networks and organisations, which operate beyond and across the boundaries of institutionalised performing arts structures, with the objective of:

-facilitating connections and developing actions of cooperation amongst hosting venues, curators and other independent players working in the field of Performance Art;

-promoting and drawing attention to a thriving but often overlooked community of artists and Performance Art practitioners whose work challenges, explores and embodies a multiplicity of artistic forms and languages;

-fostering innovative critical discourses and practice-based exchanges and interactions between Performance Art makers and audiences;

-documenting and therefore tracing, as well as enriching, the contemporary history of Performance Art practices existing in the city through the annual Berlin Performance Art Report.'

and if you don't have money to give because you're a struggling artist yourself, help by spreading the word and coming out in MAY to watch some of Berlin's best performers do what they do best!

read our pervious report about MPA-B and Francesca here.