BERLIN · the concept was born when i read a feature in the Guardian newspaper produced by Save the Children, highlighting the extent of the atrocities that were occurring within Syria. for those who aren’t aware of the details, over 400,000 people have really been displaced and moved into refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. this number is likely to exceed 700,000 by the end of the war and will soon be the largest humanitarian crisis the world has seen.

the countries that these people are being forced to move to do not have the resources to handle this large number of refugees and money is running our fast. even more worrying than this is the extent to which innocent children are being killed and tortured on a regular basis.

i myself, who prides myself on keeping up to date with current affairs became shocked that i was relatively unaware of what was happening. so, i rang up some friends and peers and we sat down and realized that there was a potential to start something up and begin helping people.

we realized that the DJing and clubbing community in Berlin here is so vibrant and drives so much energy we wanted to channel that into a good cause. as such the main goal behind It’s Bigger Than, which will take place at the Prince Charles Club on sunday, 18th of november, is to create social awareness throughout the community; to educate those and help encourage people to take similar actions within their own events. 

our secondary goal, which is more specific to our first event, is to raise as much money as humanly possible for those children that have been displaced and affected by the civil conflict in Syria.

DONATE NOW. money raised through events and donations will achieve the following:

· It’s Bigger Than: 18,- EUR : provides blankets to protect the children from the cold.

· It’s Bigger Than: 50,- EUR : provides good quality and nutritious food for two children for one month.

· It’s Bigger Than: 185,- EUR : provides specialist emotional support to a child who’s been deeply traumatised by the horrors he or she has experienced or witnessed. 

contributed by Daniel Cole.