BERLIN · Helmut, the fastest film scanner in the world, is the winner of Photo Hack day, presented by Eyeem. the fully working Android application is able to shoot the scan, crop required area and "scan" a negative. PLATOON member Severin Matusek #6178 was part of the winning team.

Photo Hack Day at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin once again brought together the most innovative developers and designers to hack the future of photography. in two days more than 100 participants created 27 photo hacks. and around 300 people watched the final presentation in Berlin and at photokina in Cologne.


1st place: Helmut, the fastest film scanner in the world
2nd place: Tourist eraser
3rd place: Visual Weather

best Facebook & Getty API hack: Picture your Feeds
best Nokia API hack: EyeMovement
best EyeEm API hack: EyeEm City Explorer

honorable mention: loopCRT
best quote of the day: Berliner Luft

for a full coverage of all 27 photo hacks check the list on Hacker League.

more pictures on Facebook and Eyeem.