BERLIN · Have you ever felt exhausted or simply 'stuck' after spending hours and hours in front of your computer (or any other tech device)? Not to mention that this common occurrence frequently results in running late: late for linking up with friends, late for that all-important meeting, late in getting other - more important tasks - done. This is a typical everyday situation for most everyone - an experience with which we can all identify.

Gabriel Shalom #5406, the founder of the creative studio KS12. In his latest project, Timeless Shalom explores that space where our use of technology intersects with how and where we experience our physical selves. In the form of interviews, this video essay addresses questions such as what is the contemporary concept of reality, space, time, identity... and crucially, what is the current thinking we hold of ourselves? Timeless poses this and other queries to a well-chosen group of creatives, thinkers and practitioners who work on the borders of art, music, technology and science. As expected, each talking head has their different theoretical and philosophical answers as the boundary between technology and physicality become ever porous.

Current society is not only seeing a convergence between different technologies. Again and again we are seeing the massive assertion technology has over and on our bodies; our minds and identifies. As Vivian van Gaal puts it. "...Yeah, sometimes I really need help to re-enter my body again. The signals of hunger and thirst… I don't receive them anymore.” Boundaries are becoming blurred... literally disappearing.

This may all sound a bit abstract, but is in fact rather simple. Are we getting carried away in the trickle, then river now flood of data, images, links and audio files we access on a daily basis. What is actually important? What makes it so? Why do we pay so much attention to things, which, after reflecting upon in the cold light of day, often turn out to be trivial and unimportant.

Timeless is a lucid, beautiful and beguilingly shot diagnosis of the current state of our technological frenzy. It also predicts what the future may bring. Platoon member Peter Kirn #5777 is one of those interviewed in Timeless (read his brilliant write up on his blog Creative Digital Motion) surmises his thoughts on the future nicely: “...Answers are lofty at times, but they also speak to highly personal moments of vulnerability and uncertainty, that instant when it isn’t clear what will happen next in our cyborg existence.” Peter also contributed two songs for the video, which you can hear in the background.

The documentary does not make value judgements. It does not define what is good nor bad. Timeless simply calls our attention to the care and diligence we pay to our online presence and consumption while subtly highlighting the impact this has on our off line selves. no one can question that technology - and our use of it - is causing fundamental changes on a personal, societal, philosophical, economical and ontological level. It is up to us to find a balance in all of this, in how we use it.

Timeless is a profound and thought-provoking piece, but take the time to look at The Future of Money, The Future of Art and other inspiring projects by Gabriel Shalom.