BERLIN · almost everyone has a blog and almost everyone is taking pictures. why not, it is simple. fair enough. but when we strive to get the best out of our daily dose of information, we appreciate to have profiled gatekeepers, who keep an eye on the quality of the content.

one of them is Brenna Urban #6005, founder of the well respected blog Urban Art Core, an independent street art, urbanism, graffiti and urban exploring magazine. the enthusiastic blog was founded in 2009 and until now Brenna established him as a so-called power blogger with a lot of daily up to date insider information.

But Brenna is also a passionate photographer. since 2006 he closely works with known street artists, such as Buff Diss, Morten Andersen, FinDAC, Rallito X and Danny Doom #5860. as things developed within time, the artists have let him to capture them in the most intimate movements. they gave him access to their studios or took him along, when they at night went on the streets to do some actions.

Brenna's latest photo projects is called "On the shoulders of giants" - two giant paintings by american urban artist James Bullough. they are located on Torstrasse 111 in Berlin Mitte, upcoming contemporary art space restored by art and studio house Torstrasse 111 and Co Verlag. the opening ceremony will take place on friday, 27th of april.

over the time Urban Art Core became one of the voices of Berlin's and also international creative urban/graffiti scene. get your daily dose now.