BERLIN · he's back - Victor Ash, street artist en gros is returning to Wedding as the second artist in the RIOTarts initiated street-art project WEDDING WALLS.

Ash, known through his hyper-dimensional street-art pieces like the astronaut in berlin kreuzberg, will be the second in a series of so far 5 street artists, who will be let loose on massive walls around wedding.

the portuguese artist is no stranger to berlin and PLATOON for that matter. in 2009 PLATOON brought Ash over to paint a large mural for the Stimmen für den Mindestlohn campaign. In 2010 STATTBAD WEDDING presented works of Ash's in a solo exhibition at the formerly known Pavillion art space/Wedding (now panke/wedding).

his latest, 18 meter high towering piece, is a reflection on environment choices made by our generation - it sets the observer to interrogate himself about, current human and nature relations problems and young children and those as yet unborn future.

WEDDING WALLS is a project in which national and international artists work on a thematic approach to the theme "new art for old walls" in conjunction with the former heterogenous worker's district Wedding.

The project aims to have an inspirational influence on the culture and urban development of the multi cultural district. it wants to transform the district into a public gallery in which both random passerby and visitors are able to experience street artist live at work. the creational process is accompanied by a comprehensive documentation.

Victor Ash will predominately be working at night, the dusk of tuesday the 07.06.2011 will mark the starting point of his work. his piece is expected to be finished on the evening of the 12.06.2011.

start:07.06.2011 // ca. 20:00
end:12.06.2011 // ca. 20:00
completion get-together:12.06.2011 // ca. 20:00
address:Lynarstr. 1 // Wedding
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