BERLIN · do you have any clue what KluuU is? probably not. for the start let's just say that it is a live conversation platform, where people can get in touch with each other, based on their profession, interest and experience.

the new interesting project is co-founded by PLATOON member and inventor of Berlin legendary Photoautomat Ole Kretschmann #6170. KluuU has recently won award for one of the best innovations in the field of web 2.0 & social media. read more below in Q&A with KluuU founders Ole Kretschmann & Patrick Frank.

we already share our experiences everyday on various channels and media, but how is KluuU different?

KluuU is a live video chat platform. we connect people using subject and content - written and oral. a KluuU is easy to create and enables fast content findability. we conciously decided against automated search mechanisms because we trust in the competence of people when we let them think for themselves.

how does it work?

pick a theme and a title for your KluuU, upload a photo and video intro if you like, specify times of availability, and you're ready to go! other people can see your conversation offer and contact you via message or live video chat. KluuU also features an integrated payment system to charge for video call time. it's also just fun to browse, the platform aims to broaden people's horizons.

how should a good KluuU look like or what should it contain?

ideally, the description and foto for a KluuU should clarify the subject of the conversational offer and arouse the curiosity of the reader. providing some information on the profile page is important for establishing the trust of other users. but there's no strict definition for what a "good" KluuU should look like. the infrastructure was conceived to promote creativity and room for interpretation.

what is your favorite KluuU that you stumbled upon lately?

The KluuU "Must-See Series - Don't cry, watch TV series" - noted theater director Stefan Bachmann compares modern American TV series with realist novels of the 19th century.

Michaela's KluuU "What should I get for their birthday?? Definitely not pyjamas!"

YosemiteBear Vasquez a.k.a. the "Double Rainbow Man" - and one of the biggest YouTube stars in recent times with over 40 million channel hits - has created a KluuU and is now available live.

everybody is talking about the growing start-up scene in Berlin. how do you see it?

there are currently a lot of people working on startups in the city, without a doubt. Berlin has been a magnet for innovative people for a while now. since we're freelance art and creative entrepreneurs we haven't had much contact with the technology scene yet, we've only met a few people from the startup scene personally. but that's starting to change. in may we're throwing a big party in Berlin and want to invite everybody to raise their glasses to KluuU!