during the weekend I attended KUNSTINVASION, an exhibition part of an initiative to turn the wholesale flowermarket in kreuzberg into a Kunsthalle by 2010.

Kunsthalle literally means Arthall, a place for creative activity, meant as a platform for artists to freely express themselves, away from structures of retribution and out of the need to please cultural tourists. the initiative Berliner Kunsthalle is represented by cultural institution, artists association from friedrichshain-kreuzberg as well as curators, artists and cultural managers.

on the speakers podium at the opening we had, among others, Christoph Tannert from Künstlerhaus Bethanien, who is highly involved in the project and managed to convey the enthusiasm surrounding the initiative. the idea and intention are great…the location as well, but I have to say that the potential wasnt used at its best this time around. however we welcome the initiative and wish them the best of luck!

*unfortunately the links are in german