BERLIN/SEOUL · “just a simple visit”, said Jiwoong Yoon, but a rich one to Berlin. goes by the name of “G” - he took the responsibility to form an output out of the philosophy event “Badiou/Zizek” which took place in PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Seoul. ideas by one of the leading contemporary philosophers Slavoj Zizek, provoked him to go beyond political theory, simplify the message and raise awareness in all areas of a single person’s daily life.

the South Korean multimedia artist and performer is also DJ and curator in PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Seoul where he takes care of the ARTIST LAB. recently he came to Berlin to presume one of his rAW rAW projects entitled “Stop, Think!”.

his live street performance consist of constructing a moving billboard out of leftover woods with an attached graphic message “Stop, Think !”. he took his installation to Alexanderlatz, Brandendburger Tor, Potsdamer Platz and Schlossplatz’. 

walking slowly, he gave people enough time to see it, grasp it and interact. “i like the purpose of the event in Seoul which sought after to re-think and ask ourselves about everyday moments of our busy lifestyle” explained “G”. could an artistic intervention performed publicly, evoke the audience to meditate about grounded perspectives of life?

in Berlin people reacted to his performance by smiling, laughing and sometimes with expression of confusion. people accepted the idea and sometimes went to have a talk with G, wondering about what he is showing. “it’s a work which doesn't mean much in one specific sense but the meaning is altered in correspondence with the environment where it exists in”.

R2MP (G's artistic name) performed as a DJ during PLATOON’s weekly members gathering DONNERSTAGSBAR, as he used to animate “deep Thursdays” every week in Seoul. sharp bassy house tunes rocked the place!

photo: StageBrothers / video: PLATOON Culture Squad