Bisque Rage is a one-day battle royale of the moving image with six editions under its belt in Lausanne, Copenhagen, Paris, Seoul, Stockholm and Berlin.

Organizers Barefoot Basterds encourage the utmost chaos to elicit unusual cinematic experiences and inventiveness. Bringing together the world’s finest filmmakers in no time at all—the last one at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE in Berlin saw over 150 of them—participants work in teams and have just nine hours to produce a video piece, including filming, editing and any post- production. The event closes with screenings of all of the works, plus a party with DJs, VJs and performers.A kind of DIY filmmaking on steroids, the Basterds refer to their event as, “a berserk video bootcamp,” and the results (you can view the collected film reels on their website) deliver on that promise. Within the context of an artistic marathon challenge lies an intense level of fun for both participants and audience, borne of the feverish energy generated in completing the task. With plans to take their event to other locations around the world, another fascinating by- product of Bisque Rage is the insight into cultural differences and concerns amongst the local cutting-edge talent.