Bring Your Own Beamer was originally an initiative by artist Rafaël Rozendaal and has been extended throughout the world since few years. A call for action for visual artists to collaborate in a given space playing together with their best resources: a space and lots of creators, a meeting where everyone bring their own beamer, gadgets, inventions or other projects based in video projection.

This BYOB Mexico was an informal meeting for artists/creators/engineers/tech lovers engaged with visual creation in digital media in an experimental way. Together we shared experiences with people from different backgrounds, working in other disciplines and projects. Also we received material from Germany, Spain and Canada from members of the alliance living abroad.
Our space seemed to be taken out from a Blade Runner still for few hours, and the session ended up with a party full of harmony and mezcal. Wefelt for a second inside a computer's screen...
This was an initiative supported by Platoon - The Global Creative Alliance and executed by CICLO a project leaded and founded by Alex Rosado, with the objective of generate a platform that allow network with digital creators promoting activities that amplify the knowledge and scene of this community.
Thank you very much everybody for coming and sharing your artwork, we highly appreciated your engagement and fun.
Stay tuned for the next BYOB Mexico!

Photos by Marianne Teixido and Platoon team.