CAPE TOWN/RIO/SAO PAULO · Mymo is a painter, illustrator, muralist, installation and animation artist. her works consist of abstract forms with pyramid shapes, triangulars and funky vivid colorful patterns. currently she lives and works in Berlin, but otherwise she is constantly on the move. Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have been her recent travels in her pursuit for new inspiration and creative challenge.

"each country has its own spirit and adventures by which my art gets inspired. every time i get back to Berlin, i bring also a lot of new music," explains Mymo. her motto is to live a gypsy life and to go where the wind carries her.

in Cape Town, South Africa, she stayed for four months in an artist residency. in collaboration with SIya Bengezela she did a workshop. together with kids they made creations out of waste dumps. back in Berlin the project was integrated as a part of Pictoplasma character design conference and the money of the artwork sales went to SHACOs little Moon Literacy Program for children of Nyanga primary school. in another project she painted an oldschool Beetle. "this machine drives like crazy," enthuses Mymo.

next stop was Sao Paulo to do some big murals. then in Rio de Janeiro she painted a sweet boat, which spontaneously became an open air exhibition - FlutuArte. and the difference between South Africa and Brasil? "in Africa you really feel the roots and the origins of humankind. artwise it is becoming more and more recognized. in Brazil of course everyone loves football and samba. there you have also really great walls, which are painted amazingly."

recently she curated two group exhibitions at her studio Pyramids on Marx - Cutting edge and Put Wheels on it. but since in Berlin the cold weather is slowly kicking, Mymo already set her sights on the next trip - painting tour throughout Africa.