chessboxing premiere in krasnoyarsk on 21 february 2009!
when Nikolay Sazhin won the world championship in the light heavyweight division in july 2008 it was obvious that Russia would play an important role in chessboxing.
Sazhin returned with the belt and the vision to spread this sport in Siberia. as a consequence the champion, Roman Lavrenov and Vladimir Makarov founded the Siberian Chess Boxing Organisation (SCBO). now the SCBO in association with the WCBO proudly present: Chessboxing goes Russia - first tournament in Krasnoyarsk on 21 February! six promising chess and boxing talents from Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk and the Republic of Khakassia will perform in the course of the Siberian championship in 3 weight classes:

Viktor Tarasov vs Sergeij Ychenko (heavyweight),
Vitali Degtyarev vs Evgeniy Lykhta (middleweight)
Egor Dolgatchev vs Artyr Vardyanyan(lightweight).

Date: 21 February 2009
Venue: Siberian Federal University, Kerensky Street 26,
660074 Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Start: 13:00

the WCBO is looking for talented chessboxers with brain and brawn for tournaments in 2009. you are under the age of 35 and have boxing experience (amateur, professional fights, kickboxing, Muay Thai). further your (estimated) ELO rating is at least 1800. we offer an appearance fee, price money and free accommodation in the Chessboxing Apartment.

at tournament season in Germany, chessboxers from all over the world stay here and prepare themselves for their fights. now also mere mortals can rent the apartment. rest your sound body and your sound mind in a stylish environment. renowned interior designer Tamara Pallasch and chessboxing inventor Iepe Rubingh designed this theme apartment in the last built GDR flat in the middle of Berlin.
you'll likely feel in control when laying down your head on one of the five beds in two bedrooms with playful Muhammad Ali, Bobby Fischer, Mike Tyson, or Anatoly Karpov themes. of course a chess table and a boxing bag are part of the setting.
the apartment is located at the centre of Berlin (Potsdamer Platz).