upcoming Saturday, November 6th, the WCBO will host the International German championship at Festsaal Kreuzberg.

the main fight was to be the highly interesting match-up between Iepe Rubingh, inventor of chessboxing against the CBCB’s finest and most talented fighter, Sebastian Bauersfeld, who has grown enough to dare to challenge his mentor.
and then… Bauersfeld broke his nose and had to cancel the fight.

so, Iepe got a new opponent: Tim Yilmaz, founder of the Munich Chess Boxing Club and heir apparent to Iepe’s throne. and then… Iepe got attacked by some mysterious flu that has kept him from training for a whole month.

while most fighters would have cancelled their participation under such circumstances, Iepe refused to give in to something that wasn’t bigger and stronger than him.

so, thanks to Iepe’s willpower and Tim’s short-term availability, on Saturday we will witness the biggest chessboxing clash Germany has seen in years:


the winner will claim the title of International German Champion.

having been unable to properly prepare for the fight, Iepe will need to rely on the crowd to lift him up and carry him through the fight.

If YOU want Iepe to win and have the crown of chessboxing stay in Berlin rather than go to Bavaria, come to Festsaal Kreuzberg on Saturday and support your local hero!

International German Championships
Saturday November 6th 2010, 19h00
Festsaal Kreuzberg, Skalitzer Str. 130,

Seating tickets:
1st row: 75 €, 2nd row: 65 €
1st row galery 50€: ticket@wcbo.org

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text via Daniel Diederich #446

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