one thing was clear right from the beginning this saturday: influencing the future has a lot to do with analysing and using existing data. (a lot of data!)

personal highlights of the conference:

- Adam Greenfield (Urbanscale) and his keynote: 

"on public objects - connected things and civic responsibilities in the networked city."

Adam introduced an audience of approx. 300 people to the political dimension of public objects. how it is in our interest to gain access to whatever data these objects collect and how it is important for the populace to use this data according to the public interest.

- Dannie Jost (World Trade Institute) and her challenging yet highly enjoyable talk about "bananas, pineapples and mangoes - norm creating structures". about the fact that there is no such thing as structure but rather informations that shape expectations - and theories that are based on expectations and a few experiences that are cutlurally excepted but false
in other words: "we don't know where we are going"

- Anil Bawa Cavia (Urbagram) picking up on jost's statement and analysing / visualising the present.

and to wrap it up:
- Warren Ellis, novelist and comic author summing up the concerns of all technophobians in the room, by drawing attention to the risks technological enhancement bear with them.

day 2 was dedicated to workshops. those of us whose braincells hadn't been completely fried from the day before could partake in wifi lightwriting, a scavanger hunt, graffiti research amongst many other projects.

All in all we would very much like to thank the organisers (Your Neighbours, Third Wave, Martin Spindler, Fabian Mürmann, Markus Reuter & Axel Quack). We think you guys did a great job (although some of the talkers managed to loose us from time to time ^^) we are very much looking forward to the next one.
definitely not to be missed!

we'll let you know as soon as the conference video footage is online!